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Our Smile Architects


Dr Chris, MAK Kean Voon

Chris wants to hear your story, understand how you like to be defined and to construct all that to what your individual biology allows.


Dr Pauline, LEE

Pauline just wants you to be YOU. With an eye for details and another eye for minimally invasive approaches, you can explore ways to be a better version of yourself.


Dr Julian, TAN

Asymmetric information or just any phobia, Julian sets a safe space to have open conversations to address your concerns. This will take you through solutions to empower you through different parts of your journey.


Dr Gavin, LAI

Nothing excites Gavin more than robust diagnostics to ensure you have the stamina to sustain you through your immediate and future objectives.


Dr TengSin, ONG

A smile that glows from inner harmony outshines any golden-proportion or even the whitest of whites. Come claim your unique brilliance with TengSin and still not lose your individuality.

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